The CEO of Sugar Group Companies is Gunawan Jusuf

One of the largest sugar cane plantation and manufacturing companies in Indonesia is called Sugar Group Companies. This firm is a growing business that is headquartered in Lampung Province. However, Sugar Group Companies has twelve offices in all—spread out all over the country of Indonesia. The Sugar Group Companies work with a network of sugar plantations in Lampung Province, representing over 94,000 hectares. Sugar Group Companies has one main product, which is a premium, commercial, sugar cane—called Gulaku.

Sugar Group Companies is part of a larger collection of companies. This includes three subsidiary companies called PT Indo Lampung Parkasa, PT Gula Putih Mataram, and PT Sweet Indo Lampung. These three subsidiary companies exist to produce and distribute various sugar cane products to the retailers and wholesalers in the industry.

Sugar Group Companies is a company that is going through the process of growing. The strong growth the company has shown means that they are looking for young professionals to fill new roles in their company. Sugar Group Companies is looking for self-motivated, dynamic, intelligent young professionals who want to be part of a company that is showing strong growth. Sugar Group Companies is a company many individuals should want to work with.  The CEO of Sugar Group Companies is Gunawan Jusuf.

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